Step By Step Online Property Sourcing Course!
Property Sourcing/ Deal Packaging Online Training Course
Want to learn how to create a high-income through property sourcing or sell property deals with guaranteed return for investors and quit your day job? From the comfort of your home with just a laptop and a mobile phone with no money needed...
Join our property course and learn how to make money from property sourcing today and you could have your own property sourcing company set-up and selling deals within a week!
Why learning how to set-up your own property sourcing business will change your life! 
Create Cash Fast By Sourcing For Others 
(Sell Your Deals Direct To Our Large Qualified Investor List From Day 1)

Generate Large Lump Sums of Cash Quickly Through Buy-to-Sell Using Discounted Sourced Deals 

Our Average Commission To Our Brokers Is £2500
(You Will Only Need To Find 1-2 A Month To Start Generating Some Serious Income) 

We Show You The Simple Step-By-Step Process We Use Daily To Source Properties

We Show You Everything You Need In One Course To Make A Successful Business Property Sourcing!

You Will Not Need Any Money To Invest As Long As You Have A Laptop Or Phone?

We Give You All Tools And Contracts You Need To Be Successful From Day 1
Create Security For You, Your Family And Learn A High Value Skill That Could Dramatically Change Your Life!

No Visiting Seminars! Buying Additional Courses Or Tools! 
You don’t need to wait for our workshop dates! We send you personal access to get started as soon as you want!
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Property Sourcing Online Course
100% Online
Unlimited Any-Time Access 
Learn At Your Own Pace! 

What You Get?
This Property Course Has Everything You Need Including 15+ Business Tools & Systems: 
Almost 4 Hours Live Video 
Deal Sourcing Systems 
Presentation Slides, Ready For Your Notes 
1&1 Support & Help
An Action List For You To Follow
We Show You Exactly How To Easily Find Deals Daily
We Show You How To Package The Deals

Then Send The Deals To Us, We Check Them And Advertise Them To Our Large Qualified Investor List To Sell!

You Get The Commission - We Manage The Property!
Online Property Sourcing Course
Only £297
Why We Are Different To Other Property Sourcing Courses?
We Know Our Property Course Is The Most Comprehensive Property Sourcing Course Around!

The One Thing That Most Other Online Property Sourcing Companies Won't Tell You?
The answer is? Property is sourcing is really easy, anyone can do it?
And finding the properties is the easy bit!

But, what they won't tell you is

Selling your deals and building an qualified investor list is hard! It's takes a lot of time and can cause a lot of frustration, which results in people giving up!
It actually took us around 4 years to build the list we have now!

That's Why?
We don't make you do that!

We need houses for our own property portfolio, in-fact lots of them! That's why we need more people property sourcing for us, we are a national property management company that provides affordable housing to normal people in various circumstances.

We want to take our property portfolio to the next level and we need your help!

We have our own dedicated team of property sourcer's who actively find deals and sell them to our investors daily but to put it simply, we need more!

And if, you feel that this is something you could do, then please join the property course and start sourcing properties for us immediately!
Online Property Sourcing Course
Only £297
What You Will Learn On The Property Sourcing Course!

Section 1 - Mindset & Goals

In the first section of the course, we introduce ourselves and talk about our big vision for the future, we show you what we are currently doing and how you can help us reach these goals whilst also earning yourself a substantial living from property sourcing. Then we move onto the importance of the right mindset, so you understand her journey to achieving a strong 6 figure income using deal packaging. Whilst, we do most of the work to sell the properties, it does take a strong commitment from you actively find the deals.


Section 2 - What Is Property Sourcing & How You Can Make Money?

Now, you know what we are trying to achieve, it's time to tell you the basics. In this property course, we go through the complete property sourcing guide step by step, so you fully understand the concept. We teach you which properties to source and where to find them. We have a set criteria that needs to be met for each property that you find for us. There is multiple opportunities daily for you to find properties which means you are in total control of how much you earn each month. The harder you work and the more properties you find, then the more money you will make. Simple

Section 3 - Finding The Deal

Once you have the criteria and know what type of properties we are looking for, then it's all about finding and securing the deal. We give you the exact steps to find the deals and approach estate agents, we give you the telephone scripts, so you know what to say!

Section 4 - Paperwork

We take you through everything on how to see if it's a good deal! We go through everything in detail about Contracts, Below Market Value, ROI's, Rental Figures, Yields, Estimating Refurb Costs. Throughout the process of the training we offer full 1&1 support, so if you do have any questions, then we can help!

Section 5 - Making The Offer

So, at this point you will know what properties we need, know how and where to find them, you will know how to calculate if it is a good deal! At this point, we could advise you if we could sell it or not. If we think it's good and the potential is good! Then in this section you will learn how to make an offer for re-sale.

Section 6 - Selling The Deal

As being part of our network of property sourcer's, you will have access to out landlord platform to sell your deal. In this section, we show you what we do to sell your deal and go through any common questions or problems that might arise from the investor, to make sure your deal goes through.

Section 7 - Getting The First Deal Done Quickly

In this section we help and show you how to get a deal through the process quickly. This section is very important because once you have done one deal, then your off to the races!

Section 8 - Your Business Set-Up

This section is about how to set up your business correctly and stay compliant with property deal sourcing.

Section 9 - Building Your Own Investor Network

Learning how to build your own investor list is critical for success, in this section we show you how to build the list, so you can offer your properties to other investors if for some reason we cannot sell it.

Section 10 - Expanding and Growth

You may want to employee extra people to help you, so in this part, we take you through the process of expanding your business to the next level.


Throughout your course, you will receive 1&1 support with any questions or issues you have, our team will be happy to assist you in area that you feel you need help with! 

Online Property Sourcing Course
Only £297
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