Learn How To Build A Qualified Property Investor List - Online Course!
Having A Qualified Property Investor List Is Vital For Your Property Sourcing Business...
Want to learn how to build a list of property investors that are ready to buy your property sourcing deals. 
Join our online property course and learn how to find property investors who are ready to buy your properties direct.
Why learning how to find investors for your property business will change your life! 
Build Your Own Database Of Qualified Property Investors Waiting To Buy Your Property Deals

Be In Total Control Of Your Business And How Much Income You Generate!

Build Long Term Relationships With Investors, So They Keep Buying More Deals From You!

Expand Your Business To The Next Level!

We Will Show You Everything You Need In One Course To Make A Successful Business Property Sourcing!

It Takes Time To Build A Strong Investor List And We Will Show You How We Had Success And Exactly How To Do It, In A Short Time Period!

We Give You All Tools And Templates To Attract Investors To Your Deals
Once You Learn The Industry Secrets, You Can Have A Successful Business In Record Time.

No Visiting Seminars! Buying Additional Courses Or Tools! 
You don’t need to wait for our workshop dates! We send you personal access to get started as soon as you want!
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How To Find Property Investors Online Property Course
100% Online
Unlimited Any-Time Access 
Learn At Your Own Pace! 

What You Get?
This Property Course Has Everything You Need Including
Business Tools & Systems: 
Step by Step Instructions
Almost 4 Hours Live Video 
4 Different Ways To Find Property Investors 
Presentation Slides, Ready For Your Notes 
1&1 Support & Help
An Action List For You To Follow
We Show You Exactly How To Easily Find Investors Daily
We Show You How To Approach Investors

Then Send Your Deals Direct To Your Investor List To Sell!

You Get The Commission - We Can Manage The Property!
How To Find Property Investors Online Course
Only £995
Why We Are Different To Other Property Courses?
We Know Our Property Course Is The Most Comprehensive Property Sourcing Courses Around!

The One Thing That Most Other Online Property Sourcing Companies Won't Tell You?
The answer is? Sourcing property is really easy, anyone can do it?
Learning the skills and finding the properties is the easy bit!

But, what they won't tell you is

Selling your deals and building an qualified investor list is hard! It's takes a lot of time and can cause a lot of frustration, which results in people giving up!
It actually took us around 4 years to build the list we have now!

That's Why?
We don't make you do that!

When you join our property program, we show you exactly how to find investors and build a highly lucrative property sourcing business!
We need houses for our own property portfolio, in-fact lots of them! But, we cannot buy all of them, we are confident that if we need to buy houses, then we can do it ourselves or pass it to one of our trusted property investors.

There are soo many property investors in the UK, that we cannot possibly deal with all of them!

So, there is a big opportunity for you to sell your own deals to other property investors as well as us!

And if, you feel that this is something you could do, then please join the property course and start learning how to find investors immediately!
How To Find Property Investors Online Course
Only £995
What You Will Learn On This Property Course!

Section 1 - How To Find Investors On The Internet

In the first section of the property course, we show you how to find property investors from the search engines for free. We show you the exact step by step process we use and what free software we use to do this. Then we move onto the importance of how to approach these property investors so they like, trust and want to work with you.


Section 2 - How To Pay A Small Fee To Get Property Investor Leads

Most property investors are private people and will not appreciate cold calls, emails etc. In this property course, we go through the complete process of getting property investor leads that want to be offered deals by paying a small fee. We show you how to buy leads for property investors for as little as £2, then sell them deals worth between £2000-£8000 

Section 3 - Where Is Best Place To Meet Investors In Person

Building any business takes time and work, but some people may have more time and want to interact with property investors in person. We teach you where to go, what to say, and how to get there contact details. You may want to put some work in now, then it will pay you back in the long run.

Section 4 - How To Send Your Property Deal To A Qualified Investor Network

We take you through everything on how to set-up email marketing campaigns to automatically send all your deals to your investors at one time. Throughout the process of the training we offer full 1&1 support, so if you do have any questions, then we can help!

Section 5 - Getting Leads Online

This part of the training shows you how to set-up ads on the internet to get qualified property investors coming to you daily! We show you what to write in the ads, how to set them up, landing pages and collecting the leads.

Section 6 - Selling The Deal

As being part of our property course, we show you how to find and build a property investor list, what information investors want to see and how to get there attention, so they will buy deals from you! We give you our templates that we us daily to sell our deal from our property sourcer's.

Section 7 - Thinking Long Term

In this section, we show you how thinking long term thinking will transform your business. We teach you about LTV (Long Term Value) of a investor. This section is very important because once you understand how to find an investor, it's vital to understand how much this customer is worth to you over a set period, then your off to the races!

Section 8 - 1&1 Support

This section is about how we will continue to support you and your property sourcing business throughout. We don't just sell courses, we build long term relationships with property investors and sourcer's.  Contact our support team with any questions or issues you have, our team will be happy to assist you in area that you feel you need help with! 

How To Find Property Investors Online Course
Only £995
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