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Hands-Off UK Property Investing Without The Hassle Of Managing The Property!
Bringing the Busy Professional and the Very Best Property Deal's Together
Buy to let property deals with fixed 5 year returns...
Hassle-Free Property Investing With Guaranteed Returns!
Are you a property investor looking for UK Investment properties offering guaranteed returns in excess of 20% without you managing the property and dealing with tenants or letting agents...
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Our Approach To Property Sourcing 
Our My Social Home Property Sourcing Team has a vast experience in sourcing property for our investor network throughout the UK and overseas. Our process is simple, and our goals are to over deliver for our investors and tenants. We aim to be transparent with our cost's and the services we provide, to deliver high quality affordable housing. Our property sourcing team are experts in selecting towns/cities that have the most opportunities using supply versus demand fundamentals. The results we deliver for our investors cannot be matched, whether your a seasoned investor or new to property investing, our systems deliver the same results!
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Property sourcing is where property deals are negotiated and packaged by a property sourcer, to then be sold on to a property investor for a commission.
It can be a very rewarding career if you become good at it! You don't need any qualifications or previous experience, but we do recommend under going a training course to learn how to do it correctly and be compliant. The average commission from 1 property deal is normally between £2000-£8000 depending on different factors. Becoming a Property Sourcer is a great solution for people want to earn extra income, start your own business and people who are interested in investing in properties.
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Property Sourcing For Property Investors With Guaranteed Returns...
The Easiest Property Investment You'll Ever Make...
How It Work's?
We all know being a Full-Time Landlord/Property Investor Can Be A Stressful And Expensive Experience With Lots of Un-Certainty, And That's Why We Are Different!

Our Property Sourcing Process Is Very Simple...

We have a dedicated property sourcing team that actively seek new property deals daily, but unfortunately we cannot purchase all the deals we find! So we pass these deals onto our investor partners who purchase the property and let the property to us on a corporate lease agreement to guarantee the investor the return.

You Buy The Property, Pay Our Finders Fee, Then We Manage Your Property For A Minimum Of 5 Years. We Take Care of Everything Including Making The Property Compliant, Finding The Perfect Tenant, Dealing With Repairs and Issues That Arise.

We Pay You A Set Monthly Return Every Month Without Fail For The Entire Contract.

At The End Of The 5 Years, You Have 3 Options:

1)  Extend Your Contract For Another 5 Years - Subject To Rent Review
2) Sell Your Property To us Or One Of Our Other Investors
3)  End The Contract - Self Manage Or Sell Your Property Privately

We Manage The Risk's And Take Care Of Your Property, So You Don't Have To... 

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5 Year Fixed ROI

Fixed Monthly Payments Without Any Un-Expected Surprises! Know Your Return Before Investing.
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Hassle-Free Property Investing

Smart Property Investing Without The Need To Deal With Tenants, Letting Agents And Problems.
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Build Your Property Portfolio

Let Your Property Investment Run Itself And Concentrate On Other Things.
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Stress-Free Property Management

No-More Sleepless Nights. We Are Experts In Long Term Property Rentals.
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Exit Options In Advance

Plan Your Exit In Advance 5, 10, 15 Years. Option To Purchase In Every Lease Contract.
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Sit Back And Relax

Concentrate On The More Important Things In Life Knowing That Your Investment is Safe.
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For Serious Property Investors...
Already Own Rental Properties But Tired Of Managing Them?
Contact us to see if we can manage your property on a 5 year corporate let agreement for a fixed return!
My Social Home's Property Management Service offers full service property portfolio management services to landlords, investors, housing associations. Investor landlords with rental properties use our management and facilities to look after their tenants, day to day maintenance, refurbishment and related finances. We strive to provide high quality affordable housing whilst returning the best returns possible for the investor.  We can do this by improving the standard of the property and reacting quickly to issues. We remove the need for letting agents and because of the number of properties we manage, can save the client up to 30% on lettings fees. 

Our management service is very hands on and personal, we work individually with every tenant to ensure their needs are met and provide long term housing with minimum void periods. My Social Home offers far more to our clients than any other form of property management service. We hold a vast database of waiting tenants looking for suitable housing, this is why we can let your property quicker than most other companies.
We have a in-house maintenance team including property managers, handymen, cleaners, gardeners, electricians, plumbers and general builders. This means we react quickly whilst keeping repair costs low. Through our large property portfolio, we have a very thorough knowledge of the properties we manage and investor needs.
We ensure the tenancy is managed in accordance with the most recent law and RICS guidelines. 
Latest Property Sourcing Deals
For Serious Property Investors...
Our team of Buy-To-Let Property Sourcer’s actively searching for UK property investments all across the country, all of which must meet our strict criteria before we will consider passing them to our property investors.
Properties Can Go Fast - Reserve Today!
We are always on hand to assist with any issues which may arise throughout the sale process up to completion.
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